Why It Works

For this assignment, please find an interactive presentation online and share it with the rest of us. That is, link to it from your post. Given the reading (“Interactivity and Its Effects”), and your own responses to the piece you choose, tell us why the interactive aspect of the production works for you. How does it enhance your experience? How would the impact be limited if it wasn’t presented in an interactive format? And, also, would could be done to further enhance the experience using interactivity?

You can go to any source of your choosing, but a short cut might be the Past Winners of the Flashforward conference festival. We have already looked at some in class, but please explore the winning sites more deeply and find one that you really like. Please check below, noting the posts of others, so that you do not write about something that someone has already covered.

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NOTE: BE SURE TO TYPE THIS IN. DON’T CUT AND PASTE IT. If you encounter problems, email me.

Okay, happy hunting. I look forward to your posts.


6 Responses to “Why It Works”

  1. Scott Lauer Says:

    This isn’t really a “presentation” per say, but a fully interactive music video by a band I like. Here The Arcade Fire are playing the title track from their newest album, “Neon Bible.” It is really interesting the way it is interactive because it demands repeat listens to look at various aspects that may have otherwise been missed. Clicking on the singer’s head brings up the lyrics for those wanting to know all of the words. I know the video from the first day of class said Nike did the first interactive music video, but that felt more like a sales pitch where this truly feels more like a music video. I don’t really think the song would be limited without interactivity but this sure does bring new perspective to the way music can be presented. I think the way that the interactivity is presented is good, because including more might just become distracting and totally take away from the song. Overall I feel this is well done and pretty innovative with little need for improvement.


  2. Hillary Stoker Says:

    My younger cousins love Polly Pocket just as much as I did when I was little, except when I was younger Polly Pocket wasn’t online. My cousins love to play with Polly and Barbie online, and although I may be a little old for it, I have to say sometimes I enjoy it as well. The sites are very interactive; you can dress Polly, give her a new hairdo, help her in the garden and play all sorts of fun games. Since the site is geared at a younger audience it is very easy to use and navigate. I guess I would say the best thing is that girls have a choice, they can build a customized Polly that suits all their wants. It is almost exactly like playing real dolls, except its virtual.

    Since my first site is a little juvenile I decided to choose to. I also explored the Flashforward site and I really enjoyed the 2004 motion graphics winner FISHOUSE. I liked the music and the use of graphics with the hands. According to the site FISHOUSE “creates projects designed to convey a concept, identity and message all in their multi facets as well as all the advantages the Internet can offer in order to reach the desired object.” I am not really sure what that means but I like the site. I especially liked to flip book in the top corner. There are some things that I would change about the site and I do not think it is as interactive as Polly Pocket, but I think they did a good job of getting the user involved.


  3. Janus Rogerson Says:

    The interactive “presentation” that I would like to share is a Makeover Game located on Lifetime TV’s website. The reason this interactive production works for me is because every little girl loves to play dress up, unfortunately we get to a certain age where we think we are too old for that. Lifetime has come up with a way for us to indulge in the pleasure of playing dress up by putting it on the computer, which automatically makes it more sophisticated (note the sarcasm). You begin the game by choosing your skin type and then progressing through what I would consider a luxury closet picking clothes, shoes and accessories. After choosing your apparel you begin to customize your face which includes make-up, eye color, lips and hair. Once all the steps are completed your final look is revealed. This experience allows you to be creative and choose clothing options, hair and make-up that you might not normally try otherwise.

    Personally I don’t see how you could create this experience without an interactive component. If you were not able to choose how the model looks then you would just be scrolling through pictures of models that other people have created. While you may find some cute outfit combinations it just would not be the same as putting your own look together. It makes the image your own. To further advance this experience I think that it would be nice for Lifetime to create a virtual fashion show of your designs or maybe even come up with a way to make it seem like a store where you can pull items off the rack and try it on in a virtual dressing room. Other programs have most likely already done this and I think it would be a good idea for Lifetime to develop this Makeover Game even further.

    Makeover Game

  4. Lauren Kelly Says:

    In addition to being the most addicting game I have ever played, The Impossible Quiz experience is so entertaining because of it’s interactive nature. Some questions make no logical sense and some questions are just a play on words and only require the reader to pick the correct answer. Other questions force the user to drag their mouse through a maze, put together a puzzle, or even clip the toenails of a cartoon foot. For other questions, you must search a seemingly blank screen for the hidden buttons to continue onto the next question. In question twenty-four, the player must figure out how to read the question by clicking over a series of rainbow buttons, each revealing different letters in the question. If you do it fast enough, you can finally read it. The homepage also contains a blog where players can discuss different aspects of the game.

    The interactivity of the game keeps the user interested. You want to get further in the game to see what other activities you can complete to advance further in the quiz. If the quiz was not interactive, I would definitely loose interest in the game. It makes the entire experience fun and different. By having each aspect of the questions be interactive, it makes the player think out of the box to advance in the game. The game could be more interactive is you could compete against other players at the same time or if users could submit their own questions to the website. Other media such as video could also be added to the game to enhance the experience.

  5. Shenee Howard Says:

    I throughly enjoyed this blog.

    I picked two. The first one is a interactive game I have been playing for a while and the second is one I stumbled upon when I was on the flashforward site.

    In the game Flight of the Hamsters, you do exactly what the name suggests: toss a hamster. The interactivity of it works for me because you have a lot of control but sometimes it isn’t enough to get the Hamster far enough. The game has everything: action, suspense, drama! Your hamster is tossed and it is to you to guide the hamster across the threshold. Eventually, however, your hamster will plummet down and create a hole in the grass. He pops out of his hole and assures you that all is well. You then realize that you have 3 more hamsters to save. The music adds to the drama, a sweeping score reminiscent of a battle scene in a civil war film. If the hamster just flies on his own with no control by you it isn’t fun anymore! The hamster’s fate is not in your hands and you are just watching the drama happen without control. I don’t know how I could possibly improve on it. Perhaps we could dress up the hamster or control the angle that the hamster flies in. It would also be nice to see the hamster fly through different locations. Perhaps a mall or a farm. The choices are endless.

    The second site I picked was the Tazo Tea site. I have had maybe 4 teas since I found this website. It does exactly what it aims to do: makes you thirsty for tea. It makes you feel like drinking tazo tea means more than drinking the tea but a lifestyle choice. By drinking this tea, you are choosing to be closer to nature, you are choosing to try yoga or sit on a big couch with your grandmother’s afghan, read a trash book and drink some tea. I love the design elements. How the site itself is not flashy for the sake of being flashy and everything compliments the message they are trying to convey. I also love how they make drinking tea into a learning experience. I am not sure how they could make it more interactive. Maybe they could have someone making tea on a video or even music that goes good with tea. The more personal a company can make the experince the more enjoyable it is for whoever is watching it.

    Tazo Tea

    Flight of the Hamsters

  6. Eryn Gradwell Says:

    If you haven’t played SCRIBBLE! before, get ready to be glued to your computer screen until you’ve defeated the entire game. Yes, it’s THAT addicting. The object of the game is to help the “Ink Blots” get through the levels with the click of your mouse.

    Of course, all games are interactive; however, I feel like this is more interactive than others because you use your mouse to draw bridges and ramps to help the Ink Blots over spikes, fire pits, etc. The player also cages the enemies so they cannot get to the Ink Blots.

    The lines that the player draws with their mouse highly determine how the game continues. I personally find this game extremely addicting because 1) it’s a simple game that anybody can play, and 2) it’s a game of strategy that does not require trivial knowledge. A simple line drawn from your mouse determines the survival rate of your Ink Blots. If you haven’t gone to the site yet, you probably think I’m crazy. You’ll know what I’m talking about once you see how to play. Then you’ll realize how addicting it is.

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